Flip Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

This product was gifted to me by my mum for my 18th birthday last month; it was the best thing she ever gave me, other than giving me life LOL. At only 5.95; this product does in no way look cheap. It makes feel like a princess and make everyone around me jealous. This is my all time favorite product since it keeps my phone safe and doesn’t puts any dents on it (like many other hard covers do). And the FREE screen protector is the icing on the cake that is this amazing product, which I am absolutely in love with. I like many teenage girls love glitter and bedazzled things but suffer from those items looking cheap and tacky.

Another con usually is that most “diamond” products, break “diamonds” or “gems” on them very fast; these beautiful sparkly phone covers can be mended by something as simple and ordinary as clear nail polish. It’s so awesome I can’t even write everything; I have one in purple, black and am going to buy one in gold very very soon. I love my mum for buying this for me; this is gonna be my go to gift for all my best girlfriends and some boyfriends LOL. It looks beautiful and elegant and its my go to cover for a night out but unlike most glamorous covers, it can be pulled off in the day as well. It is also available in many sober colours as well like pink and subtle white. I don’t know about everyone else but I personally have a very very hard time; most of the time finding a suitable phone cover

Galaxy S5 i9600 SM – G 900 F, ether there too small or there too big; and the worst of all some make it look very chunky and hideous; that is my absolute pet peeve; ugh. Anyway this is an excellent product. Take my word for it; it will be the best phone cover you will ever ever buy. Personally this not only my favorite phone cover but also my sisters and my mum and my step-mums favorite phone case for Samsung Galaxy S5. So many people can’t be wrong. It looks amazing and also feels absolutely amazing and really really lovely. This is the best birthday gift for a girl 18-28 (since my sister and me love it all the same) but also a great present for women 45-50 (My mum and step-mum love it very my much as well); so basically its an amazing and very pretty product. The best thing about this product is that is that it’s amazing. One con would that the “diamonds” break easily but that one con can be fixed with some clear nail polish. But its a pretty small con if you think about the product overall. And finally the best part it that it makes every girl jealous; and I think everyone will agree about that being the icing on the cake. I love this cover and you will too.

For more information visit: http://www.osphonecases.co.uk



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